Zwartwoud develops interiors with a vision for the future

Zwartwoud builds custom interiors for organizations with sustainable ambitions. With a circular mindset and a systematic process.

We design and build custom interiors with a circular mindset, shared sustainable ambition and focus on how the spaces in which we place the interiors are used. Our experienced project teams take control of the construction teams: from design to turn-key delivery. From a one-off to a series of two hundred locations.

That is Zwartwoud's plus.


Zwartwoud develops interiors with a vision for the future. This means that we keep doing what we are good at, but look to the future with an open mind. We are open about how we work: we offer full transparency into what we do, how we do it and what is achievable. Transparency: at every step of the process. We share our insights and work together to achieve great results. We are open to each other and look at the world with an open mind. Because together, we achieve the most.


Zwartwoud is excited for the future, which is why Zwartwoud makes sense of the future. At least, that's our goal. With a vision of blended spaces and a circular mindset, we develop interiors that are ready for now and in the future. Innovation and craftsmanship have played a key role for us since 1924. We see challenges coming from afar and tackle them with both hands. We prefer to go the extra mile during projects and work together to achieve a result that we are not only satisfied with, but also really proud of. Because we love our job. And you can see that.


We observe trends and developments in the world on time. We investigate and deepen them in order to already have the necessary knowledge in-house. This is how we act quickly and appropriately. The cooperation between our employees and with our clients is central to this. We know how to adapt to issues, come up with creative solutions for the process and keep up with the zeitgeist.

A leader in customization for almost 100 years

The story of Zwartwoud begins in October 1924, with a bakery and two smart engineers: Zwartenkot and Van der Woude. They thought it was high time to take a critical look at the baking world: the bakers kneaded their breads manually and had simple ovens. As a result, they lost an enormous amount of time. Scaling up was not an option.

Zwartenkot and Van der Woude thought this could be done differently: they came up with kneading machines and a larger oven with multiple baking layers. To name their new company, they merged their surnames: Zwartwoud.

Their invention was revolutionary in the baking industry. And it didn't stop with handy equipment. The entire bakeries were modernized: Zwartwoud developed attractive counters, cabinets and furniture.
The entire interior was tackled.

People were enthusiastic about Zwartwoud's work and the name spread. In 1956, for example, PTT Post asked whether Zwartwoud wanted to set up their first post office. This also proved to be a successful collaboration. To this day, Zwartwoud works with PostNL. Especially when it comes to product development: furniture is being developed to make the postal world work more efficiently.

And so Zwartwoud kept up with the developments of the years and responded to them, making sure to have the necessary knowledge early on. In the 1980s, safety became a major theme and we developed secure, bulletproof counters for Esso, Shell, Q8, among others, and for embassies around the world for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In the 90s, the Working Conditions Act came into force. Zwartwoud developed its own furniture line, Zettoe, and developed, among other things, adjustable desk tables.

That's how Zwartwoud ended up in custom interior design. We now do that for various great organizations. From ABN Amro to UMCG, Stadhuis Groningen, Aegon, Gasunie and Rijkswaterstaat.  

In 2006, we caught sight of a new development in the world: circularity. Our eyes were opened: if we want our next generations to enjoy the world as much as we do, things have to be different. Today, Zwartwoud develops custom interiors with a vision of the future, for organizations with sustainable ambitions.

But what do a bakery and circular customization have to do with each other? Innovation and craft. In all these 100 years, Zwartwoud has characterized itself by responding to world developments and thereby making the world a little better. Zwartwoud develops with a vision for the future. That is Zwartwoud's plus.

Corporate social responsibility is part of our company's DNA. And it's certainly more than a buzzword.

It's about taking steps every day. Not only in relation to the environment, but also in relation to our people. Collaborate: not only with our clients, but also within the company. That is our great strength. We know our people. And we appreciate them.

That's why we give our employees the space to give their own meaning to their work with their personal wishes and opinions. This ensures motivated employees who are happy to go the extra mile for our clients.

This also includes training and professional courses, so that our people continue to develop. In addition, we naturally ensure the right working conditions. Diversity comes naturally at Zwartwoud: we think it's important that everyone feels welcome and treats each other with respect.

Everyone has the right to paid work. Even people with a distance from the labor market. Zwartwoud works with Het Rijk on Social Return, including by offering a work experience position or internship.

Quality Certificates

Sustainability is not only important when it comes to our work for customers. Within our own company, we are also working on this as much as possible. To ensure its quality, we have various quality certificates at Zwartwoud.

ISO 9001

With our quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001, we demonstrate that Zwartwoud is able to meet the customer's requirements, the laws and regulations applicable to the product and the requirements of Zwartwoud as an organization itself.

ISO 14001

ISO 14001 is the international standard with requirements for an environmental management system. This system helps Zwartwoud develop, implement and also control and improve an environmental policy.

CO2 Performance Ladder

The CO2 Performance Ladder helps companies reduce CO2 in business operations, projects and in the chain. Watch here Zwartwoud's participation and initiatives.

Toolbox measurement 2023

Emission inventory 2022

Energy action plan 2023


To ensure the safety of our professionals, Zwartwoud is VCA* certified (Safety, Health and Environment). Clients can be confident that we comply with the health and safety rules and that we take good care of our employees.


Zwartwoud is FSC certified. FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) is the first international label with strict requirements for sustainable and social forest management, supported by governments, companies and environmental organizations.


With MVO (Maatschappelijk Verantwoord Ondernemen), companies are building a solid future. Zwartwoud has a TIM (Transparency, Impact and Management) rating of four stars.


With Ecovadis, the quality of the company's sustainability management is tested. Zwartwoud is certified with Evocadis Silver.

Accredited Training Company

Zwartwoud is an Accredited Training Company. This means that we offer a good internship and apprenticeship and that students are trained in our practice to become qualified staff, with a job perspective.

Meet the Team

Open, optimistic and agile. These are Zwartwoud's brand values and these are exactly the characteristics of our colleagues, from account manager, product developer, calculator, work planner, furniture maker, project manager to mechanic.

With a wide variety of disciplines, everyone works towards the same goal: developing interiors with a vision for the future.

Karst Wouda


Alida Santing

Manager Operations

Jan de Groot


Henk-Jan Riepema


Arjen ten Have


Joop Schuur


Ewoud Kuipers

Hoofd Montage

Arnold Postma


Rob Carpaij

Product Engineer

Daniël Visser


Nikky Linnemans


Tim Riksman


Iris van der Wal


Tessa Hilbrands

Facility manager

Guillermo Kartodiwirjo


Marco Drijfhout


Jan van der Werf


Rudy Mulder

Finance Manager

Iris van de Vuurst

Magazijn medewerker

Arno de Vries


Fokke Visser


Eric van Balen

Design Manager

Herman Vos


Ward Huting

3D Vormgever

Jochem van de Ven

Commercieel Manager

Eelke Faber

Technisch Commercieel Adviseur

Jan Hoving


Rick van de Vuurst


Jill Akkerman


Siemon Roffel


Petra Siersema

Administratief ondersteuner

Marten Hoekstra


Bryan Ommel


Peter Stuit


Feike van der Heide


Auke van der Bijl


Dennis van Hoorn


Aïcha Waagmeester


Robin Bos


Hidde Smit


Wiebe Terpstra


Tim Hofman