Interiors with
vision for the future

With a circular mindset and a systematic process, Zwartwoud develops customized interiors for organizations with sustainable ambitions. Many different types of organizations have already achieved their goals. Education, retail, office, government, healthcare. Diverse spaces with a common denominator: sustainable ambitions.

Nick Tettero

The fact that Zwartwoud, for example, knew what to do with the residual wood and that they were able to switch quickly is very valuable. That's where Zwartwoud really stood out. Find the material, but also dare to contribute ideas at such a level.

Anne-Marijn Kamps

Zwartwoud understood what we wanted and was able to depict that in materials and design even during the tender. We noticed that Zwartwoud really understood our issue, and that turned out to be quite the case in practice.

Anje Meijer

We think it's great that you do a lot with sustainability, and you've really thought along with us. We eventually got to know each other quickly and there was a great collaboration.

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