'The Royal FloraHolland office has been transformed into a sustainable and circular office. '

Royal Flora Holland

A place where employees, growers and buyers meet and work together: the Royal FloraHolland office in Aalsmeer has been transformed into a sustainable and circular office. It bears the name Floradôme.

An impressive semicircular shape with a circular staircase in the reception area and the outer façade, where possible, made of glass. For all employees, it's best to enjoy daylight and a green view. The use of energy has been minimized, renewable energy is generated and no fossil fuels are consumed.

Zwartwoud was allowed to engineer, produce and install the fixed circular furniture for this beautiful new building. Where possible, we used our own, existing products and, when they were not available, this was supplemented with recovered and circular raw materials.

For example:

  • The plate wall at the entrance is made of old aluminum auction cart profiles, which resulted in significant CO2 savings;
  • The restaurant's kitchen has a decorative wall made of plant trays;
  • The counter is made of PET felt, made from recycled PET bottles;
  • The planters, raised floor and open cabinet in the building are made of bamboo, which is an inexhaustible resource, lasts many times longer and is easy to repair;
  • The pantries are finished with organic flower petal laminate, specially developed for the Floradôme in collaboration with Huis Veendam;
  • Where a bio-based product was not possible, we used Cradle to Cradle certified products as much as possible, such as the back office wall.

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