On the 6th of October, 2024, Zwartwoud will be 100 years old.

On the 6th of October, 1924, Zwartwoud was founded by Messrs Zwartenkort and Van der Woude. They then developed smart bread ovens and kneading machines for bakeries. Over the years, we have evolved into a custom interior expert for large companies.

In those 100 years, innovation and craftsmanship have always been key. Based on a social need, trend or legislation, Zwartwoud has responded to a development. On October 6, 2024, we will celebrate our 100th anniversary and we are all living towards that with enthusiasm. We think such a special anniversary deserves the necessary attention. Various events will therefore take place in honor of our golden year. You can find all the information about it on this page.


The story of Zwartwoud start with a bakery of two smart engineers: Zwartenkot en Van der Woude.


PTT Post came with the question if Zwartwoud wanted to furnish their first post office. The start of a succesfull co-operation.


Safety becomes a big theme and Zwartwoud developes bulletproof counters for Esso, Shell, Q8 and ambasades around the world for the ministry of foreign affairs.


The health and safety law came. Zwartwoud developed their own furniture collection, Zettoe, including adjustable desk tables.


Our eye fell on a new development in the world: circularity. Our eyes were opened and we decided to focus on this theme.


Zwartwoud is proud to celebrate their 100-year jubilee.

A golden anniversary can be celebrated in a big way

The twenties of the last century. Pioneering is in Zwartenkot and Van der Woude's blood. They decide that bakers' baking processes can be more efficient. Traditionally, bakers use brick ovens. They are heated with twigs, which requires a lot of time and work. Zwartenkot and Van der Woude are successfully developing a very compact hot water oven with multiple filling holes, the Brodo-matic. The space savings, a larger baking capacity and, last but not least, a significant reduction in the warm-up time appeal to many bakers. Also at bakers abroad.


Dag voor leveranciers

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Customer Day

Op 12 oktober 2024 van 10:00 uur tot 13:00 uur is onze open dag voor familie en oud-medewerkers. Meer informatie hierover volgt.

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Have you worked at Zwartwoud in the past 100 years, or do you know someone who has been part of Zwartwoud? We would love to receive all the great stories, photos and other memories!