“Domesta in Emmen is now a sustainable office building where meeting is key.”


As a housing association, you are an example to the outside world. If we believe that the world should become more future-proof, we should also contribute to it on our own. With that in mind, Domesta in Emmen decided to have her office converted into a new office with a circular design.


Project Management

Product development

Turn-key realization

Zwartwoud was asked to apply our circular method to the design of We are OAK. For the realization, we used Domesta's own, existing products as much as possible, and when they were not present, this was supplemented with recovered and circular raw materials.

As a housing association, Domesta had access to bricks and wood from demolition houses. With the help of Studio Diggels, the bricks were processed into beautiful new leaves for pantries and seats in the atrium. We sanded the wood of old floorboards and used them again as paneling.

The cabinet fronts are finished with organic laminate from Huis Veendam, made from potato peels. An ode to the region.

The acoustic walls were made by i-did from Efteling corporate clothing.

Where no recycled materials were available, we honestly used solid spruce wood (CLT) and a minimum of metal, which can be dismantled.

The result: a unique interior with a story in every room, a pleasant indoor climate and future-proof.

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